1) Neuropsychological Assessment

Dr. Lewkis has over twenty years of experience providing neuropsychological consultation to law firms as an expert witness in insurance litigation offering diagnostic opinion relating to brain injury and PTSD and other injury related conditions, as well as outside the medical-legal domain, assessment regarding diagnosis and characterization of a range of problems (attention deficit disorder, learning problems, neurotoxic exposure,  emotional problems, developmental disabilities, etc).  He also provides assessment relating to executive health and development.

2) Treatment

In his private practice Dr. Lewkis addresses challenges in mental functioning for a range of conditions. Amongst these conditions are: brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, loss of mental efficiency with aging, blocks to fulfillment of one’s potentialities, and addiction. Central to his approach is the measurement of brain energy dynamics (neurophysiology) and the use of leading edge methods directed towards enhancing wellbeing.

Major methods used by Dr. Lewkis’ and to varying degrees integrated include: quantitative EEG (QEEG), LORETA neurofeedback, LENS neurofeedback (“low energy neurofeedback system”), low level pulsed electromagnetic fields (pEMF), heart rate variability biofeedback, biophotomodulation therapy (near-infrared), mindfulness meditation, and talking psychotherapy.

Dr. Lewkis’ works closely with highly skilled associates in the areas of functional medicine and naturopathy and will at times to be comprehensive, recommend that his clients also address aspects of their challenges with these practitioners.

About Dr. Lewkis

Dr. Lewkis works as a neuropsychologist and is licensed as a psychologist in the province of British Columbia (CPBC registration 1374) and Washington state (PY 60407796). He holds Ph.D., M.A. and B.Sc. degrees from the University of Toronto. The focus of his academic training and work is clinical neuropsychology. He completed pre and post-doctoral supervision in neuropsychology at the Toronto Western Hospital and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in neurogenetics also within the University of Toronto teaching hospital system. In addition to offering treatment, he has been retained by many law firms as a plaintiff expert witness in offering opinion regarding brain injury (and often accompanying PTSD and other problems) in insurance litigation.

Dr. Lewkis is credential by: the Council for the National Register of Health Providers in Psychology (USA); the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (in EEG biofeedback: BCN credential); the HeartMath Institute (in heart rate variability biofeedback) and the Kundalini Research Institute (yoga teacher training). He has approximately fifteen years of experience in using neurofeedback. He holds an affiliate researcher position at the Institute of Applied Brain Sciences at Waseda University, Tokyo.


This service is not covered by MSP. It is often to some degree covered by workplace insurance (please check with your human resources department) and may be covered while in personal injury in litigation.

Contact Information

Dr. Lewkis’ practice is located at 3525 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC.

For initial inquiry e-mail: imagoSL@telus.net

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